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A Weak Fractal

During the spring semester, I had to volunteer at a local middle school.

I don’t know why they needed me there: the kids are all grown up. They don’t even try to hide that they’re not interested in school. And I was no different at their age. Can I blame them? They watch TV, it comes in color.

Most of the schoolwork they will ever see comes in black and white. Only a person with an active imagination, like mine, can ever enjoy this sort of drone. And I still didn’t like it.

And then again, the word for some of these activities they are giving them are so obscure, I’m not sure that most adults will get their meaning. And rather than raise their hands and look like a dweeb in class if they don’t get it. They keep quiet and shoot funny looks at their friends’ faces.

Yeah, something like that.

This will not be a rant…just wait.

Anyway, their teacher sent me to the library with four of her students. I have them do a worksheet of what they were already supposed to know. And they were supposed to read out of their textbook as well

They were learning about the “hierarchy of life.”

What is that?

  • atoms
  • molecules
  • organelles
  • cells
  • tissue
  • organ
  • organ system
  • animal/plant/man whatever have you

They were supposed to memorize all of this. It looked kind of meaningless to them.

So I tried to “differentiate” instruction.

Differentiation instruction, means using the student’s background, learning level, and learning style to make curriculum more understandable.

In my case, it meant turning the list above into a visual presentation.

With a yellow piece of scrap paper I had taken with me and a pencil, a scratched out something like this.:

Without the pretty colors though…

It was an ad-hoc chart. Yes, I know, this is only halfway down the list. My drawing was so much more messier than what I have above (it has many more atoms) , and by the time I got  beyond organelles, they still didn’t get it…

Oh well, at least I have this relic.

How far would the chain go? Could I do cities? Governments? United Nations? The list could go on and on…

Later on, I had some time and did this on MS Paint…

<<<< A Strange Way to Represent the Hierarchy of Life…

                                              (Warning: Image is over 5000 pixels long!)

I had to stop at “organ” – Paint seemed to be running low on RAM…and let me know.

And when do we go to a stop? Where is the roof?

I could argue spirits, except that they aren’t composed of cells and atoms…

…The word is like…a dome shaped plastic toy that pops when you turn it inside out on the table. The toy has a shape. But for everything that it is, there is something that it isn’t. It always snaps back.

It’s like…

The universe is a very tight space. It is like a puzzle. Every part of a 3D puzzle, like a shattered globe, every piece that fell from the whole, will fit next to the other pieces.

For everything that we do, something in the world will be done and meanwhile, something else will not be done. Do you get it?

There are no open cracks, and no open spaces,  in the universe, whether visible or unseen.

Everything is accounted for.

This post will not be done soon… more to follow. Coming this weekend, 5-7-2011…

Note: I know “it” doesn’t look like this in real life. But hey, it’s a chart – and a start. And, I don’t have to draw a protein!

What’s your outlook on this?