About the Author

About the Author:

You can call me Caltrap. Or Keisha. Or Keesh. I’ve used all of theses names online at one point or another.

I am older than 19 and younger than 29.

I like color theory.

I am homespinning my own blend of Christian Cabalah and want to teach it…

That is why I’m here.


“What is Cabalah?”

The word “Cabalah” is an imitation of the word “Kabbalah”. “Kabbalah” is traditional Jewish that goes back thousands of years. It is basically Jewish spiritualism.

“Why are you studying Cabalah?”

Because if we do not understand the sticks that drive us, we will never be in control.

“Why do you not just stick to ‘just regular Christianity’?”

Because Christianity is a spiritual religion. Throw out spirituality and you have just a bunch of laws.

“Why do you like spirituality?”

There is a Chinese saying: “Nothing is fun until you are good at it.”

I am not perfect. I admit that I cannot control everything in my life, and I have had more questions than answers about why the things that happen in my life actually happen – even when I do my best to keep track of my thoughts and my actions to improve my life.

But, Christianity teaches that one should get a good grasp of Spirituality. So, that is what I am doing. I am archiving what I have learned.

“Why do you want to put spiritual things up on charts?”

Because charts help us organize things.

“God does not fit into boxes – You are just human!”

I know. God is far more expansive than we can ever understand.

However,people do fit in boxes. God makes spiritual humans in his image, and puts them in human bodies, and people’s spirits tend to fit in these bodies… More or less…

However, people’s actions do not stay withing their bodies. Actions are expressed outside, into the environment.


People’s actions can be organized into cause and effect.

As a result, it is possible and very necessary to put this information of “cause and effect” into some sort of visual aid that will help us put our behaviors in order, as well as understand what drives us to do certain things.

“Why are you putting this stuff up here?”

So that other people can critique me.

“Why do you want other people to critique you?”

So that I can improve, and so I can put better content on this blog, and help others improve their lives.

“You have an ego.”

I have a purpose.

… Okay, then…
…. Any more questions?

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