Talking Colors, Part 3

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I knew that if God was going to use colors in spiritual language, the Bible would have to answer for itself what those colors meant.

And so, the journey begins…


I tried taking the ColorQuiz. Although personally, I find this quiz quite accurate, it’s not as if the webmaster is going to simply give me the quiz’s code just for the asking… If I could even understand it.

So I had the Bible. 

I had already tried to split the color spectrum into 6ths. Sixes were an easy number and seemed to be a number of significance in the Bible other than seven.

Seven is God, Six is man, five is a woman… (I don’t know about the woman part, I just heard it somewhere)…

When I looked in the Bible, I figured, “hey, twelve a number that can be used to divide the color spectrum!”

“Where am I getting this from?”, you ask.

The additive color spectrum is divisible by thirds, sixths, twelvths, so on and so forth. With three primary colors, I knew there are intermediate combinations (6) and tertiary colors (12 all together) available.

So I was looking for anything important enough in the Bible that would fall into 3rds,, 6ths, 12ths, and so on.

One other problem: I couldn’t read or understand Hebrew. Thankfully, I had a copy of the New International Version Bible with a Study Guide footnotes.

You can read the some of the passages that I read, (without study guide), here:

Genesis 29:all

Genesis 30:1-24

Genesis 35:16-26

Notes: Laban means “White”; Jacob means “One who wrongfully holds the place of another”; Esau means “hairy” (nickname Edom means “red”)

When His inspiration came for , “Twelve Tribes” of Israel, I could run to my Bible.

This would be the ultimate test  of how much the utility the Bible had. I knew I would find something in the Bible – but I was also also holding pretty firmly to those colors as well…

Happy coincidence.

Did you know that the word “coincidence” does not exist in the Hebrew language? So I’ve heard…        

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